Monday, 28 August 2017


                                      DEPARTMENT OF BIOTECHNOLOGY
 GUEST LECTURE: Department of biotechnology has conducted a guest lecture on 8-8-17, on “future prospects of Biotechnology” by Dr. J.N. Lavanya Latha, Assistant professor, department of Biotechnology, Krishna university. 72 students attended the lecture.

GUEST LECTURE: Department of biotechnology has conducted guest lecture on 6-10-17, on the topic DNA-replication by Dr.P. Sudhakar, head of the department of biotechnology, Acharya Nagarjuna university, Guntur. 70 students attended the lecture.

Dr.p. sudhakar, head of the department of biotechnology, Nagarjuna university is explaining DNA replication to the students.

 Although progress has been made towards international goals of eradication of malnutrition, considerable work is still required to achieve them and to respond to emerging public health nutrition challenges. While many of the challenges related to nutritional needs of children and women, and increased emphasis on nutrition related chronic diseases that effect later is also evident. And on the other hand, today we find ourselves with an epidemic of over nutrition and obesity in the industrialized world with some foods that may promote heart diseases, cancers, visceral organs failure etc.
In an effort to bring enormous potential to address these concerns through the foods with therapeutic properties in the form of probiotic curd, probiotic milk, yoghurt, green tea etc, and to promote healthy food choices through the increased consumption of fruits and vegetables, the college Bio-technology department hosted an intercollegiate meet in the name of “ 21st century nutrition-health fair-2016” on 14 th December 2016.
Special invitees are Dr. Saloni sidana, IAS( sub collector,vja), Smt. Suneetha Devi, extention officer ICDS, Kum. Kusuma Neela, M.Sc, MBA(ph.D)  
Various competitions like paper presentation, poster presentation, quiz, dance, Mr & Ms nutritionist were conducted. 200 hundred students from various colleges were participated in various competitions   and won the prizes

 Lighting of the lamp by Smt. Suneetha Devi, extension officer( ICDS), Kum. Kusuma Neela, M.Sc (Ph.D), Siddhartha Mahila kalasala.

Opening speech and blessings by Rev. Sr. Sleeve Thumma, superior and correspondent, Maris stella college.

                                 students were exhibited various stalls on nutrition day

                                    Lecturers from various departments visited the food stalls

Vegetable carpet made with carrot, pulses, millets.

Activities in various news papers.

Department of biotechnology has conducted a one day biology exhibition on August 13 th ,2015. Students of Biotechnology has exhibited various models related to Microbiology, r-DNA technology, Genetic engineering, Tissue culture and Immunology.

Students from various schools has visited the biology exhibition

Blood grouping programme was conducted on biology exhibition.

Green gram (Vigna radiata) plants were cultivated in tissue culture lab in the department of biotechnology.

Department has conducted a guest lecture on “Auto immune diseases” on 21-11-2015 by
 Dr. K. Shrinivasulu, head of the department of Biotechnology, K L university, vaddeswaram.